The best nightclub in Tallinn (almost)

IBIZA is just a simple and cosy place in the Tallinn’s city center (Sakala street 23A) with good music and some added security, and look – it’s really quite comfortable here. Nobody judges anyone, the polite people are treated with respect.

The best nightclub in Tallinn

You can always count on the IBIZA community to help you party. Most clubbers here are freaking gorgeous.

Music itself can build community, and even teach you empathy.

Sometimes our djs produce pure art, yet still at any time they sound decent. Mostly nowadays our dj guys and girls play techno, tech-house, dnb, neurofunk but you could wake up on psychedelic or trance party, it always happen so sudden.

What a lovely night club

The pop music and Russian music are both cursed by Satan. We stay out, Napalm Death is not welcomed too, no offence, fans.

Both hypothetically equally distant points are equally extreme in the sense of perfect balance, a common comfort in our case.

Overly loving or aggressive clubbers seem to prove the great importance of balance too.

IBIZA nightclub Tallinn

Our mission
Socialization! IBIZA nightclub is this right type of club where you could easily meet someone unbelievable and interesting. Remember when you was a kid, for example 7-year old. You could have played football once and become friends for life. The closer you get to thirties, the harder it is gets. Don’t reflect, go to IBIZA! A lot of them and us are worth the effort.

Nightclub in Tallinn: IBIZA club

Briefly – we work longer than any night club in Tallinn. From 23.00 till 11.00 on Fridays and Saturdays, and from 23.00 till 6.00 on Wednesdays and Thursdays. You’ll see for yourself that drinks at IBIZA club are not this much pricey, and it’s fun here.